October 17, 2016

Ice Cream ‘Smackdown’ and a Casino Architect Wonders if it was all Worth it – Monday’s Roundup

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It’s 40 years since the referendum was passed to legalize casino gambling in Atlantic City, and the town has been completely saved and rejuvenated by the sainted industry.


Anyway, the Press of Atlantic City has a neat interview with Steve Perskie, ‘father of casino gaming’, looking back on those 40 years. Probably a good time to remind everyone that Perskie was found to have committed serious ethics violations as a judge and to have lied to a senate panel a few years ago. Also, for those with time on their hands, we have a neat document that shows how the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has spent all that tax money. (We’re working on a long-term project looking at where all that money went… Get in touch via news@rtforty.com if you’re interested in helping us out with that.)

Meanwhile, a Notorious Ice Cream Smackdown was held this weekend to raise money for Josh Vadell, the cop who was shot on duty a few weeks back. Apparently it turned into a kind of guns vs hoses rematch, with a firefighter taking home the top honors. You should check out the video via Cat Country 107.3’s site, just to see how serious the looks were on the competitors’ faces – that was some earnest ice-cream eating.

And totally unrelated to either of those things, our very own Route 40 has the lowdown on an exciting new bathroom facility coming to Lake Lenape Park. That is news you can use, folks.

Here’s the rundown on the rest of our reads today:

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