ICE, Football Memories, Tax Credits – Friday’s Roundup

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ICE Order
State A.G. Gurbir Gurwal announced those new rules on how/when local law enforcement should work with ICE, directing law enforcement, “not to enter into so-called 287(g) partnerships that essentially deputize local law enforcement as immigration agents or detain immigrants for ICE without a warrant signed by a judge,” as the Spotlight puts it.

Gurwal said the new directive drew a “bright line” between immigration authorities and local law enforcement and was a signal to “our friends and our neighbors who have been living in fear” that they could trust state law enforcement.

St. Joe’s-Holy SpiritĀ 
Holy Spirit and St. Joe’s play for the state championship (in the football) tonight at the Meadowlands, which seems a bit odd to me but I’m an old fogie.

Mike McGarry at the Press says MetLife Stadium is the perfect place for the title game, citing the great thrill the kids will no doubt experience getting to play on a state-of-the-art NFL facility.

I don’t know. I played in one of those games and stood on the sidelines for at least three others, when they used to play them down here at the home field of whichever team had the best record. It was pretty magical to look up and feel like every person you cared about in the universe was watching you and your teammates take part in this contest.

On the other other hand, we lost.

$40 Million
Oh look a company that got a big tax break to stay in New Jersey is moving to North Carolina.

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