Incident at Mad Horse Creek

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Marijuana Updates
Claude Brodesser-Akner at says legal recreational marijuana might not pass after a number of Dems in the state legislature said they were nos. But Nick Scutari, the bill’s sponsor, said, he still expected the bill to become law. “I think your math is wrong,” Scutari said.

Jeff Van Drew is one of the nos. Chris Brown has said he’s got an “open mind.”

Ronald Rice, of the 28th LD said the priority should be to ” indemnify and free the disproportionately high number of people of color in the Garden State who have been prosecuted or incarcerated for marijuana possession,” in CB-A’s words.

Small-Town Spending
The APP reports that Brian Rumpf, “a Republican from Little Egg Harbor, who has represented the state’s 9th Legislative District in Ocean, Burlington and Atlantic counties since 2003,” was appointed director of personnel and program development at the Ocean County Health Department at an annual salary of $139,000. He also gets a base salary of $49,000 as assemblyman.

“The question as to whether Rumpf should resign his Assembly seat was one debated at the highest levels of the Ocean County Republican Organization,” Erik Larsen reports.

Incident at Mad Horse Creek
The state DEP is set to demolish four secluded and amazing old fishing cabins along the “windswept marshes of Lower Alloways Creek” that are on state land, illegally, allegedly. The cabins are decades old, “[u]sed by hunters, fishermen and pleasure boaters, they are part of the rural landscape and the heritage of the region,” Bill Gallo writes.

The state says the cabins weren’t there when they bought the land. The cabin owners say they’ve been there for generations and they can prove it but the state just doesn’t want to listen.

Some of these little buildings are really beautiful and you should check out the photo essay from back in November too.

Christmastime in New Orleans
Spirit Airlines is offering direct flights from Atlantic City to New Orleans, where the airport is named for Louis Armstrong. The service is set to start April 13, which is just about the time of year when my interest in going to New Orleans begins to wane. Tickets were $49 one-way according to an email Route 40 got yesterday.

Our Charming Overseers
Atlantic City Councilman Jesse “the Body” Kurtz called the 10% interest rate the city is paying on health and pension payments deferred by the state “loan-shark” rates, Mel Taylor reports. I’m not a banker, but 10% does seem a little high. Weren’t the state’s financial wizards sent down here to lend an air of creditworthiness to these dealings and thereby lower rates?

Speaking of whom, Timothy Cunningham from Trenton told the city council he would be “sticking around “for a little while longer” despite rumors to the contrary, Erin Serpico at the Press of AC reports.

Mayor Gilliam also told Erin he can’t hire his own department heads because: Trenton. “The state designee has made it very clear that he doesn’t want me to hire any new directors,” Gilliam reportedly said.

On the Twitter Box, Jim Kennedy (the former CRDA head) notes, “Atlantic City has now been under State Supervision longer than Baghdad was occupied by American forces. The State Government needs to publish for Atlantic City a framework and schedule for troop withdrawal.”




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