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A human-resources worker at the old Revel got her new job back and found not much had changed since she last set foot inside the casino. “I sat down at my same desk, opened the drawer, and there was a ChapStick that I left there four years ago,” she told Wayne Parry of the Associated Press.

Think of the vast sums of money that sloshed around from one party to another so this building, and the people who worked there, could get a couple years older, as if we don’t have actual problems facing our society.

Horseshoe-Crab Madness 
I love this story about horseshoe crabs. I can’t get enough of them, frankly. I only found out recently they shed their shells as they grow, so when you see a horseshoe crab shell on the beach it may not necessarily indicate that a horseshoe crab has moved on to the great horseshoe-crab rodeo in the sky, which is a relief. In other news, I am sunburned.

In other other news, I hope you had a good weekend. I spent a lot of mine on the beach wearing my “World’s Greatest Farter Father” teeshirt AGAIN (It’s starting to smell) and thinking how nice it was to sit there while down at the border our government is separating mothers from their very small children.

I don’t know how you feel about this policy but I’m very not ok with. And anyway, (as has been pointed out), the Trump Administration doesn’t know how it feels about it either. It’s currently arguing that separating kids from parents is:

* a deterrent (and therefore good)
* Bible-approved (also good)
* a Democrat thing (bad?)
* Not actually happening (the full Orwell)

When did it become a culture-war thing to point out that obvious bullsh*t is obvious bullsh*t?

After we’ve traumatized these children, we can blame the parents we took them away from for the rising crime rate in 20 years. And the circle will be unbroken…

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