Joyriding, Fall is Coming and Don’t Mess with Nature – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Samaritan Gets Car Stolen
Not to make light of this but joyriding is an actual thing you can be charged with?

Fall is Coming 
Read Dave O’Sullivan’s feature on the Oakcrest football squad and their 21 seniors, looking to get back into playoff contention.

“Practices are a hoot because we’ve been together for so long, but I love it, it’s all positive vibes.”

Nature Watch
Look, a video of a waterspout! It was off LBI.

Toxic Sites, Thirty Years Later
Not too long ago there was a big, nasty cancer cluster in a town not too far from here (Tom’s River). Residents organized and did something about it. A couple of decades later, what’s happening?

“I think we’re absolutely going backwards,” Michael Gillick said of federal environmental rollbacks. “The people that are in a place of power are helping to move things in the opposite direction of where they should be.”

Yay Free Market! 
The Air Force base in Burlington County is New Jersey’s second-biggest employer. Easy to forget that sometimes!

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey, see below:

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