Labor Committee, Walking The Walk, Self-Serving Promos – Tuesday’s Roundup

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The state assembly’s Labor Committee had a busy day yesterday, advancing two bills, the first a piece of equal pay legislation that would require women be paid the same as men when they do “substantially similar work.” Naturally that would be a calamity for the Republic. The Labor Committee also advanced the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act that ensures “union representatives” have “greater access to the public employees they represent” including by talking to them on their breaks.

“This will be time out of the workday that’s funded by taxpayers,” said Michael Cerra of the New Jersey League of Municipalities. Don’t know about you, but in my town public workers are some of the last taxpayers left.

Elsewhere in talky talky talky during lunch on the “taxpayer’s” dime, the new head of the EDA Tim Sullivan told people at the Newark Regional Business Partnership that cities are where it’s at. Remember when lawmakers wanted to give Amazon $5 billion to put a headquarters in New Jersey? The tragic failure to give them that money taught us a lesson in what corporate leviathans are looking for. “They want walkability, they want transit-oriented development, they want density, they want mixed-use and mixed-income housing.”

Insert your own Millennial joke.

What Happens When You Walk ‘The Walk’?
Can you, in fact, walk The Walk between Atlantic City’s Convention Center and the Boardwalk? Bill Sprouse reports.

We Did It!
New Jersey has America’s quietest road.

Self-Serving Promo #1
Did you miss our last Business Bootcamp with Greens & Grains co-owner Nicole Jacoby Psounos? You can catch up on her tips for South Jersey startups and find out what she is proud of (it’s something she puts above the achievement of opening five restaurants in two years). Also! Get your tickets for next month’s Business Bootcamp, where you’ll hear from Jon Henderson, founder of the AC Beer Fest, the Atlantic City Seafood Festival and a bunch of your other favorite events.

Self-Serving Promo #2
The Paranormal Museum in Asbury Park is having a Jersey Devil festival April 6-7 and your truly will be there on the Saturday hawking my book. They’re doing lots of cool events though, including a 20th anniversary screening of the film The Last Broadcast and “Summoning” where a “mob of Jersey Devil supporters and descendants (dressed as their ancestor)” will march off to “hoot, howl and growl” in hopes of attracting the creature itself.

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