Whither the PolerCoaster? – Wednesday’s Roundup!

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Chris Howard stepped down as executive director of the CRDA, and Matt Doherty was named to replace him.

For Trenton was so tired of Atlantic City, they sent the mayor of Belmar all the way down here to look after it…

Kevin Riordan at the Philly Inquirer has a great story on an archaeological dig in Camden where thousands of Native American artifacts were uncovered.

“Residue found on artifacts such as grinding stones and hammer stones used to prepare food suggest that people on the site consumed maize, legumes, and barley/wild rye.” Sounds like a South Jersey diet book someone should do.

Elinor has a piece on the PolerCoaster, in part because it’s fun to say PolerCoaster and also because they’ve (the city and state) spent lots of money and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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