Labor Relations, Budgets & Casinos – Thursday’s Roundup

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Sorry about the Roundup hiatus the last two days, we had to prioritize our paid jobs. We’re glad to be back.

There’s a Democrat Governor in New Jersey and Dems control the state Senate and Assembly – but the Democrats are divided and that’s a problem when it comes to things like, you know, budgets. The Inquirer’s Andrew Seidman has a long read with insight into what’s happening behind the closed doors. Another budget-fight shutdown could loom in the run up to the July 4 holiday.

Elsewhere in money matters, Ted Sherman at has an unbelievable story about longshoremen at the Port of Elizabeth, some of whom get paid upwards of $400K per year to do things like wash trucks.

“The top 100 dockworkers alone at the marine terminals on both sides of the river each get more than $300,000 a year,” Sherman says.

I happen to think they deserve every penny, but we should keep these numbers in mind when we hear about how the Fat Cats pulling down $675 a week in Atlantic City are bleeding us dry.

By the way, “prime positions on the waterfront are given to those individuals with connections to the mainly all-white union leadership.” Of course. (Bill).

Elsehwere in budgets, this is staggering: “Corporate tax breaks designed to jolt New Jersey’s economy out of a post-recession slump risk stripping $1 billion a year in revenue from the state budget by 2020” (WSJ, behind a paywall). And here’s your reminder that NJ taxpayers are now paying $300 million a year in subsidies to energy company PSEG’s South Jersey units, which union-man and Senate President Steve Sweeney pushed for and which may or may not have sparked his discord with Gov. Murphy.

Meanwhile, Atlantic City casino revenue was down 5 percent in May, but there’s sports betting now and two new casinos opening, so lets not ask whether this was due to more than just the bad weather this spring. (And speaking of new casinos – Ocean Resort is getting an 11th hour casino license hearing.)

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