Losing a Piece of Margate, Corroborators and More – Monday’s Roundup

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Losing a Piece of Margate
Big John Duffey, who ran Parti Pak Deli in Margate (the original Club Wa’) for 30 years then drove a Jitney in Atlantic City for however-many more, died last week at age 67. He was one of those larger-than-life personalities who seemed to know everybody, and who everybody seemed to love. There’s a Facebook group called Parti Pak Posse for veterans of his old store. One of his old employees wrote a tribute last week about her first job, “Many businesses today employ summertime help. Parti Pak made you part of their family. It was more than a job, it was a club and if you were part of it, then you understood the value of being in it.”
A few weeks ago, we were heading home on Pacific Avenue and got in a Jitney with Mr. Duffey behind the wheel. Naturally he wouldn’t let us pay, then managed to cram three different anecdotes into a seven-minute Jitney ride.
The Jitneys spin by our makeshift Route 40 offices all day. It’s sad knowing Big John’s not driving one anymore.

Defining Chronic Flooding
Thousands of homes worth hundreds of millions of dollars will be at risk of chronic flooding in Atlantic City by 2035, according to a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists. By “chronic” they mean floods 26 times per year, from higher tides rather than storms. Good grief. (Story by NJ.com here).

The Mexican Piney
They’re still honoring Emilio Carranza, the Mexican pilot who crashed on a goodwill flight from New York City to Mexico City in 1928, in the Pine Barrens every year.
“We have honored Capt. Carranza through hurricanes, sweltering heat and pouring rain without fail.”
Friendly reminder to check out The Pine Barrens Tribune.

News that Michael Cohen made recordings of (alleged) hush-money conversations with President Trump raised the question about what kind of lawyer secretly records phone conversations with his client. Of course there’s a companion question: What kind of client hires lawyers who feel the need to secretly record his hush-money conversations?
Back in the 90s when Donald’s AC lawyer was the famous Patrick “Paddy” McGahn, McGahn testified his colleagues had a policy of meeting with Donald in pairs, so there’d be corroborating witnesses.
“[I]t’s always been our practice to make sure that two people are present, and we don’t have a problem of people lying,” he testified.
“Hey, Trump is a leader in the field of expert–he’s an expert at interpreting things. Let’s put it that way.”
This was from a deposition in 1993.

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