Marijuana Arrests, Census Worries and an Incident on Pacific Avenue – Thursday’s Roundup

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The number of juveniles arrested for marijuana possession in 2016 was the lowest it had been in more than 30 years of record keeping by the FBI. The rate dropped 62% since 2001.

Criminology professor Michael Walker said one reason is peer pressure among police. “While you’re making your dopey marijuana arrest, I have to cover your post for you.”

Some visitors to AC were denied service at a restaurant on Pacific Avenue because they were African-American and the owner, “wasn’t serving Black people today,” according to the ladies. The owner, who wasn’t named in Lynda Cohen’s story, does not seem to have denied the allegation. He said the business was being evicted.

We have a census coming up, and the GAO has already said there’s a “high risk” of its failure. Now, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds bad. Anyway, the state is forming a 27-person committee to ensure an accurate count. The end.

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