Tax Men, Sex Abuse and Drivers Licenses For The Undocumented – Friday’s Roundup

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Tax Men
A bill sponsored by Vince Mazzeo would set up a countywide tax assessment program to replace the system we have now, where municipalities do their assessing on their own. It has the support of a committee made up of mayors John Armstrong (Absecon), Jesse Tweedle (P’ville) and Sonny McCullough (EHT) who went around the state last year looking at how different counties did their assessments. Dennis Levinson, the county exec, does not support the plan because it’s unlikely we’ll get funding from the state, he says. The point is you should read John DeRosier’s excellent report on this issue in the Press of AC.

Lawyer Up, Monsignor
New Jersey’s forming a task force to investigate sex abuse and cover-ups by the Catholic Church, following the grand jury report last month from Pennsylvania, which found about 1,000 victims.

“We owe it to the people of New Jersey to find out whether the same thing happened here. If it did, we will take action against those responsible,” New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said.

New York’s doing one too, and their AG subpoenaed all eight Catholic dioceses.

Drivers Licenses For The Undocumented
There’s a push to let undocumented immigrants apply for drivers licenses, something that is already done in twelve states and the District of Columbia, one argument being that if you have lots of unlicensed drivers on the roads, insurance costs go up.

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