Marijuana, Tax Incentives, Climate Hubs – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Everybody’s reporting that March 25 is the day the state legislature will vote on marijuana legalization, though, citing unnamed sources, say the leaders of the pro-legalization side are still many votes short, and if they can’t whip their colleagues into position, the vote could be delayed.

Tax Incentives 
George E. Norcross III writes in the Star-Ledger that the state’s great big tax incentive programs are necessary to the continued renaissance of Camden, or something. His is one of a slew of tax-incentive stories across the news ecosystem this morning, as they move toward a decision on the fate of these programs this year.

It is curious how these programs–which were put in place theoretically to help worker-type persons and communities of color–are always being pumped up by a super-affluent guy with executive hair. Sort of gives the game away, does it not?

Climate Hub
Avalon Zoppo at the Press has a story about the plan(s) to turn Atlantic City into hub for innovate-y climate-change research. There are many designs and studies, but I don’t want to spoil things. You should read it!

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