Mayor Gilliam, Snow, Mystery Christmas Tree – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Mayor Fight VIII
Lynda Cohen has a story on Frank Gilliam’s latest travails, and it involves an interview with Craig Callaway, which makes it extra-worth reading. Also there’s an interview with Nicky Scarfo’s old lawyer, which also makes it extra-worth your time. Moral of the story seems to be: The Mayor’s in some genuine sh*t and that sh*t is speeding fanward rapidly.

We woke up to snow here in Atlantic City. I’m not sure how you feel about this, but I’m in favor in moderation. There’s some accumulation on the World Famous Boardwalk–I’d say more than a dusting but less than a coating. Is there a word for that? Consulting my Eskimo dictionary…

Mystery Christmas Tree
I love these stories, as I love randomly decorated Christmas trees. Tim Kelly at has a piece on the mystery Christmas tree that someone decorates every year at the foot of the big bridge on the Longport Causeway. Kelly traces the practice back “decades” and says it was first (officially) observed this year on Nov. 26.

EHT Mayor Sonny McCullough theorizes a “prominent Longport family” does the secret trimming every year.

“(The suspected tree trimmer) was a pretty eccentric guy. He passed away a while back, and I’m guessing his family has kept the tradition going.”

For more feats of journalism…

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