More Microbrew News, A Marijuana Voter and the Foodstore – Thursday’s Roundup

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Good morning Roundup Readers!

We’re filing today from the world-famous Atlantic City Inlet, since the waves looked good and we thought there’d be surfers. Also we wanted to get out of range of the Kavanaugh hearings. Has anyone seen Don hometime boy McGahan? He was behind the nominee the whole time last time.

Atlantic City: It all started here. God help us.

Anyway there were surfers, but I didn’t get a good pic. I did get a pic of this nice cliff face, courtesy of the waves.

More coverage of the microbrewery thing this day: Friend Matt Skoufalos at NJ Pen surveys reactions to the new regs, which limit the number of events a microbrewery can have per year. I didn’t realize they also limit food trucks at the microbreweries.

Meanwhile, ROI-NJ reports the group Independent Brewers of New Jersey launched an online petition in protest. “This special ruling will set New Jersey back in terms of beer culture, tourism, industry competition, and disproportionately harms specific segments of the industry, including small producers, nanobreweries and new brewery ventures.”

For a bit of context, late last winter, the New Jersey Brewers Association–the trade group for craft beermakers–split after the CEO of Cape May Brewing lost his bid for reelection and formed the Brewers Guild of New Jersey, which may make it harder for them to put up a unified front.

City of Atlantic City Councilperson Kaleem Shabazz asked for CRDA help to improve Renaissance Plaza, the shopping center between New York and Kentucky Avenues, following the report from Jim Johnson, which said something about food markets.

Shabazz is calling for a Genentec System, better lighting and license-plate readers.

Atlantic City Council Pleads To CRDA, Please Protect Renaissance Plaza Shoppers

More Marijuana (Cannabis) Ideas
Assemblyman John McKeon has an op-ed in the Star-Ledger on what he’d need to see to vote in favor of legal marijuana, and a lot of it has to do with “self-medicating” which is weird and seems to be about protecting the medical-marijuana industry. But there’s also some stuff about a “strong, independent New Jersey bank” which seems interesting. Do you know how much money we pay investment banks and law firms and financial advisors every time we do one of those bond issues?

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