Narcan, Sales Tax, Did Everyone Move To Florida – Friday’s Roundup

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A couple of Narcan stories in the news, since that’s so depressingly timely. Matt Skoufalos at NJ Pen has a piece on Camden County health systems teaming up to buy the opioid antidote in bulk, which could reduce costs on the list price by 50%.

Meanwhile Assemblyman Herb Conaway said prison inmates who are addicted to opioids should be given Narcan when they get out of jail, since they’re often very susceptible then to OD-ing.

Phil Murphy proposed raising the state sales tax, and Fitch Ratings called that idea a “positive step.” Never forget bond traders run the world.

And the Ventnor School Board’s in a palaver after a fourth-grader said her teacher taught them, “some slave owners were good slave owners and some slaves wanted to be slaves.” Crikey.

Also, almost 20,000 people have left Atlantic County since 2010 (and through 2017).

For the rest of the news from across our brave region, do see below:

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