Norcross, TennAve, Rowan – Monday’s Roundup

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George Norcross visited The Press of Atlantic City a couple of weeks ago for a 90-minute discussion about AC (and Camden, apparently) with the paper’s editorial board and reporters. The result was this interview published Friday, which is somewhat light on questioning of some of Norcross’ more bizarre assertions (“If we’d had casinos in Camden, you’d be looking at Las Vegas East”) but includes some interesting details, such as Norcross’s belief the state takeover of Atlantic City will continue even if Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy (who has said he would end the takeover) wins office. Reception of the piece varied.

Sea Isle, by Darleen Adamo on Instagram.

Some (mostly police) expressed exasperation at Norcross’ hints that Camden’s consolidation of county and city policing could work for Atlantic County and Atlantic City (for one thing, Camden County, unlike Atlantic, includes just one city.) Others (mostly those who work in or around Camden) expressed some satisfaction that Norcross might be turning more of his attention away from that city. The Press followed up on the interview with a weekend editorial that called Norcross ‘Camden’s Champion.’

We took a tour of the work on the beach block of Tennessee Avenue, where a coffee shop, beer hall (with beer garden), yoga studio and chocolate bar will be opening in the fall. Check out the piece and photos at Route 40 here.

A $350 million development project at Rowan University is building from scratch a ‘downtown’ that aims to meld together the town and gown elements in Glassboro. As Mayor Leo McCabe puts it to The Philadelphia Inquirer, “It’s one of the most important steps toward making Glassboro a true college town.” The Inquirer’s Kevin Riordan stops in with some existing local businesses to hear their thoughts on the project (which will be completed next year). There could be interesting lessons here for Stockton University’s Atlantic City campus (opening in 2019).

In case you missed it while we were dealing with site issues: Atlantic City watchers know the TRUMP brand has been coming down off his old casinos for the last few years. What’s it like to try to start a Trump Heritage Tour in town, when the chief historical attraction doesn’t want to be associated with it anymore? We profiled local
historian Levi Fox and toured the old Taj Mahal to find out.

In the rest of the headlines from the weekend and this morning, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is funding millions of dollars in clean water projects including some in South Jersey, read about the renovations at soon-to-reopen East Point Lighthouse, an investigation is underway into a ‘suspicious’ fire at a closed Atlantic City motel (the same one from which an alligator was removed last week), Gov. Chris Christie is apparently off the list of candidates for a WFAN gig, conventions and conferences already want to come to the Atlantic City Hard Rock casino (among other details in this interview with developers Jack Morris and Joe Jingoli from last week) and the pilot of an aerial advertising company’s plane survived a crash in Middle Township on Sunday. All that and more below:

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