Unpopular Politicians, Bike Paths etc. – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Phantom Candidates
Matt Friedman at Politico has an amazing story on “phantom candidates” in Camden County, an old practice where people who aren’t interested in holding office filed to run for election just to make the ballot more confusing and protect incumbents, in this case the Norcross Dem machine.

Imagine getting paid to think of this stuff, with all the actual troubles in the world.

In possibly related news, Rutgers-Eagleton and FDU asked people their “general impressions” of six New Jersey political people (Phil Murphy, Steve Sweeney, Chris Christie, Cory Booker, Bob Menendez and Donald Trump) and only Murphy and Booker were above water, i.e. had higher favorable numbers than unfavorable numbers.

Bike Path
The Press of AC has a story about plans to expand the bike path across a new Parkway bridge into Cape May County. The path currently ends in Somers Point. “But it will still be two to five years before cyclists and pedestrians can safely use the bike lane on the new bridge,” per the story.

For more feats of journalism…

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