Not Crazy Or Extreme – Thursday’s Roundup

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The blogger formerly known as Wally Edge has an informative thing on the Republican contest to replace Frank LoBiondo, calling that process a “train wreck.” He says a deal was struck to get Hirsh Singh to run for Congress so he’d get out of the race for state senate. But the R establishment hasn’t gotten behind Singh and instead the race for the LD2 nomination has splintered.

It’s kind of fascinating to read about the Republican contenders and count how many spent their careers in the public sector, or made their money as defense contractors or whatever. That’s how you know they’re the party of small government.

Elsewhere in R politics, the Observer has a curious profile of Assemblyman Jon Bramnick written by an attorney (?) where Bramnick says over and over again that he and his party are not crazy or extreme. They are, instead, rational and reasonable. Just Reasonable and rational. Old Rational John Bramnick, they call him. Any bad behavior you may be experiencing comes from the left-wing media or the White House. Bramnick and his party are not going to be painted with the brush–the so-called crazy-brush–just because his party’s enabling some crazy stuff. “We’re the Republican Party, but we’re not crazy,” Bramnick said. “We are not crazy or extreme. We’re reasonable.”

How do these people have jobs while I’m standing here in my pajamas.

ROI-NJ has two business stories on the impacts of marijuana reform, should such laws be passed: Good for warehouse owners! Complicated for accountants

Also, win or lose, marijuana reform: good for lobbyists!

Michael McGarry, who is a longtime sports-writing professional, has a cool profile of Charles Fields, one of the top sprinters and long jumpers in our area. He’s a senior at Wildwood Catholic.

Also, check out Michelle Brunetti Post’s story on a fire tower in the Bass River State Forest.

Lastly, we did this interview a few weeks back with Mayor Gilliam but have been holding on to it since the party machine that elected him seems to have turned on him, curiously, two months after ushering him into office.

The Mayor won’t comment on that *controversy* so we’ve decided to set it aside for the time being and run the interview anyway, since his views on Bader Field, marijuana reform, PILOTs and the South Inlet are probably definitely worth reading.

Spoiler: MFG’s grown a Millennial Understander beard!

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