Party Like It’s 1982! – Thursday’s Roundup

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More indictments were handed down in the murder of April Kauffman and the alleged OxyContin ring that surrounded it, and is anyone else haunted by the fact one of the conspirator’s last name is Pizza? As in “Cheryl Pizza?” Is there a family of Pizzas living somewhere in the Carolina hills? America is a developing country.

STATS ALERT: Last year Atlantic City had its lowest visitation rate since 1982, back when Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones were regulars on the casino circuit. Hang on I’m being told Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones are still regulars on the casino circuit.

Drug-overdose deaths are on pace to break the record set last year, and the record set the year before that.

New Jersey 101.5 has data on how home prices have fallen across 531 municipalities since 2017.

Elsewhere in real estate, a Margate homeowner wants to take the mini-golf to court because of course he does. Siri, what’s a “homeowner?”

Johnny Ex is running for Jesse Kurtz’s Atlantic City Council seat (according to Ex’s Facebook post). Unless Jesse runs for Assembly. Or something.

“Two private law firms with connections to former Gov. Chris Christie combined to bill $7.2 million,” to legalize sports betting in New Jersey. That’s nearly 3.5 times the money Phil Murphy wants to give in legal aid to all the immigrants, without whom the economy would collapse.

China announced tariffs of 25% on imports of dried cranberries, among other goods. South Jersey produces a lot of cranberries. Do we dry them and sell them to China? Story at 11.

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