Payouts, CRDA – Wednesday’s Roundup!

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The state paid out $119 million last year in lawsuits and judgement, up 68% from the year prior, S.P. Sullivan reports. You can read some of the big payouts here.

“This is the first public records request I file every year and the only one that concludes “Happy New Year!!!” Sullivan said on Twitter.

Richard Tolson has been promoted to vice chairman at the CRDA, where he’s been on the board since 2012. Tolson is from Ocean City, but he attended jazz shows at Club Harlem before it closed in 1986, per this story in the Press. He’s also head of the bricklayers union, so I don’t know if we should expect more bricks or brick-related projects around town or what. Some arches might look cool beneath the 220 or so LED TV screens they put up a few years ago.

It would be awesome to get somebody from the librarians’ union on the CRDA board, or somebody from the open-the-gate-to-the-school-playground-so-kids-can-play-there-after-hours union, but that might make Atlantic City more a more appealing city for residents and a less appealing appealing venue for crony capitalists.

Ocean City’s Tolson Tapped For #2 CRDA Job.

Latino Police
In other news, we write about how the Atlantic City Police Department is gearing up for a round of promotions and the Hispanic Alliance of Atlantic County is looking to organize support for senior Latino officers.

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