PSE&G, AirBnb and the Charisma of George Norcross – Thursday’s Roundup

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Lobbyists spent $2.8 million last year to stop legislation to give PSE&G $300 million in subsidies. We did that sh*t for free, so let this be exhibit 11,000 in the PowerPoint presentation I am preparing for myself titled: Why You are in the Wrong Business.

Le Norcross
George Norcross III replaced the mayor of Camden as the keynote speaker at the Cooper’s Ferry’s Partnership fundraiser, Phaedra Trethan reports, and he talked for 40 minutes telling listeners he “saved the city.” It’s surprising more of these guys don’t run for office when you see how charismatic they are.

He also said Chris Christie saved Camden. And some of the mayors.

Kevin Riordan, at The Inquirer, says Norcross, “delivered an assiduously, even passionately, upbeat lecture about the city” making “ample use of the word extraordinary.”

This is a little far afield, but Collingswood is drafting legislation to regulate AirBnbs, a year after a resident was cited for operating an illegal boardinghouse.

“The draft is the first attempt to codify regulations around local, short-term rentals, a zoning case previously unconsidered by existing municipal code but which would regulate services like AirBnb and VRBO,” Matt Skoufalos reports.

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