Putting the ‘Fun’ in School Funding, and Tennessee Ave Gets Another Project – Monday’s Roundup

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Here are some fun stories on school funding! One’s on the tension between local school districts and county vocational schools, and one’s about how much the state says it should give each district versus how much schools actually get. You should read them.

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The valuable NJ Spotlight has a list of the highest-paid New Jersey CEOs and how much they make compared to their average worker. The CEO of Johnson & Johnson for instance makes 452 times what the average worker gets paid, which sounds fair.

On the other hand, the winners of the Cowtown Rodeo the other night each took home $1,173.70 in prize money.

Elinor has a Route 40 story on the new project the Schiffs are doing on the boardwalk between Tennessee and St. James. Their lawyer says they were inspired by the biergarten between California and Iowa. Lance Landgraf said they should check out SoulBerri in Brigantine.

Another Development In Wings For Atlantic City’s Tennessee Ave Beach Block

Elsewhere in Developers, Philly Mag did an interview with John Longacre, who’s set to open The Anchor Rock Club on the boardwalk in July.

For more feats of journalism, see below:

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