Rate Hikes, Electoral Apathy and a Showdown on Chelsea – Friday’s Roundup

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New Jersey American Water announced a 12% rate increase, effective next month. I’m sure their water’s delicious.

Isn’t it fun that you can be a senator in New Jersey for twelve years and a “large number” of residents will “continue to be almost as ambivalent” about you as “when you first took office in 2006.” America! What a country!

Poll: Bob Menendez Support Remains ‘Lackluster’

Meanwhile NPR has a story about the big pharmaceutical company Celgene,where Menendez’s challenger Bob Hugin was the executive chairman until this year. They hiked the price of a multiple myeloma drug from $6,195 for a month’s supply to $16,691 for a month’s supply, while making sure to keep “generic competition at bay by constructing an almost impenetrable fortress of patents and grants of market exclusivity around Revlimid, and its sister drug Thalomid, while also taking steps to ensure that generic competitors can’t get their hands on enough of the drugs to develop viable alternatives.”

Route 40 is currently working on a browser extension that would convert the bullshit you see from public officials into a more usable truth. For example, when these guys say “innovation” and “small businesses” what you’ll hear is “government monopoly on a product that’s been around for 60 years.”

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Tall Mel Taylor at ACPrimetime has an amazing cut of the CRDA board, including Mayor Gilliam, responding to complaints by Chelsea residents that the Chelsea Beach Bar has mysteriously expanded its footprint without seemingly anyone’s knowledge or assent.

CRDA Ponders Questionable Chelsea Beach Bar Moves

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