Real Estate Day – Tuesday’s Roundup

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So much real estate news in the City of Atlantic City!

Amy Rosenberg has a long interview with Wasseem Boraie, the developer of the 255 unit multi-family project on what used to be Pauline’s Prairie. It has a pool. I didn’t know it had a pool. This changes everything!

At the other end of town, Stockton’s board of trustees is meeting tomorrow to consider a plan to buy the former Atlantic Club, as part of the school’s “commitment to help revitalize the city” (the spokesperson’s words), though I’m not sure how that works. Under the deal, the current owners would knock down the casino-hotel but leave the nine-story parking lot. Parking lots–they’re the future!

Lastly, the owner of the Cherry Hill Mall is partnering with something called 1776–a “network of entrepreneurial incubators”–to offer 11,000 square feet near the Nordstrom’s to a “group of startup retail ventures,” part of its effort to reimagine retail shopping spaces, or something.

To be honest, the more I read this story, the less sense it made. Retail ventures in a mall–how is that different from what a mall currently does? Maybe they’re office-y space, but I don’t get paid enough to get to the bottom of this mystery. #Capitalism

For more feats of journalism from across the region, see below:

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