Real People, Gambling = Jobs and We Need to Talk About Desegregation – Thursday’s Roundup

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Max Pizarro did like a ten-minute interview with Jeff Van Drew at a fundraiser in Pittsgrove and is that Ron Jaworski behind him waving the beer around?

I’m not sure what Van Drew said, though at one point he relayed the riveting anecdote of a friend who still insisted on calling him, Senator Van Drew, Jeff, despite the dizzying heights to which he, Jeff, had risen in local politics recently.

“That’s what this country was based upon–real people who really came from, in some sense, the working-sector, whether it was in a profession, whether it was in any field…,” he said, etc.

Nothing quite says Real America to me like a Michelob Ultra wrapped in the cocktail napkin they insist on giving you with your beer at fancy-ass fundraisers.

JVD also said one of his proudest accomplishments was fighting for people in his district who had medically necessary procedures that weren’t covered under their insurance–not by expanding access to healthcare on principle, but by calling the president of the health insurance company to intervene.

I don’t know about you, but when someone says “the president of the health insurance company” in South Jersey, who do you think of?

We’re doomed.

The primary’s June 5.

The American Gaming Association said sports betting could create 150,000 jobs in the U.S. and hundreds, even thousands, of them could be in New Jersey. It might also revitalize Atlantic City. Anyway, here’s a story about some of the possibilities.

Siri, what’s a job?

Meanwhile, New Jersey’s one of the most racially segregated states in the nation and Phil “the Bulwark of Liberalism” Murphy should educate his constituents to take action, Richard Rothstein of the Economic Policy Institute said.

For more news from across the region, see below:

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