Rumors, Holtec Madness – Monday’s Roundup

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No Needle-Exchange at Old Wawa
There’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that a needle-exchange is coming to the old Dorset Avenue Wawa in Ventnor. File that along with the thing about Lucy the Elephant migrating to AC under: Rumors I First Heard When They Were Being Debunked. I’m badly informed!

Cool, Clear Nuclear! 
The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, the oldest nuclear plant in our nation, is closing today, so it’s a fine time to report that the Board of Public Utilities is having big public hearings next month on the extent to which the state should be giving subsidies to the nuclear power industry.

PSE&G’s reportedly “looking forward” (someone’s words) to these hearings as it seeks $200 million in subsidies. Is that $200 million in addition to the $300 million per year they got a few months ago? I have no idea.

More Holtec Fallout 
Elsewhere in capitalism, the CEO of Holtec ($260 million to relocate) faced protests after his remarks on how it’s hard to find the help these days, and I’d sort of missed the part where Holtec owns Oyster Creek (being shut down currently). Read our friend and colleague Matt Skoufalos’ take on the Camden labor market and workforce development efforts that are now getting a new push. It’s the Circle of Life!

For more feats of journalism from across your region, do see below:

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