SCOTUS, Bowling Alleys and Mother’s Day in AC – Tuesday’s Roundup!

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Lots of different ways to report the SCOTUS ruling that will allow sports betting in New Jersey, and elsewhere. Here’s one with the words “game changer” in the headline. Here’s one from Reuters. Here’s a thoughtful one from Matt Friedman. Here’s the obligatory will-it-save-Atlantic City one.

Here’s a fun one from Kurt Andersen:

I’m going to let you find the rest of them wherever you do your internetting.

Asbury Park, which some people think is a model of what Atlantic City might look like in a few years, had a punk-rock bowling alley. It’s been renovated and is being re-opened. They have concerts there. I’ve even heard of some of the musicians, and I am old.

We went around with Princess Inc. who handed out purses to seniors and at-risk ladies Saturday. Shoddily-edited video here!

For more news from across your region, see below:

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