We are Problem Solvers – Wednesday’s Roundup

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We had a storm! Some trees were down, reportedly. Gnats were plentiful this morning, there’s a raccoon on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, an opossum in Chelsea, deer in Venice Park, and a horse was spotted walking down the Atlantic City Expressway Monday afternoon.

I hate to sound too biblical, but is Mother Earth trying to tell us something?

Expressway horses are less uncommon than you’d hope.

Runaway Horses Cause Crash On AC Expressway; 1 Horse Killed

City council is set to vote tonight on a resolution to maybe bring minor league baseball back to Bader Field, Big Nick Huba tweeted yesterday.

“If it’s not an affiliate it’s doomed to failure,” the Press’s veteran sports guy Dave Weinberg said. Jim Kennedy said, “I have sat watching seasons of Surf baseball when the only nights that had crowds were firework nights, May & June week night games where there were almost as many folks in the stands as on the field. Will it be deja vu all over again?”

The Hubster proposed the Atlantic City “Game-Changers” as a name and Glenn Straub’s head as the mascot.

The other day we reported how the Boardwalk at Grammercy ends rather abruptly, leaving pedestrians stranded with no egress, and now they’re putting up a temporary ramp, supposedly, until a new permanent one can be built in Phase III of the Boardwalk Extender Project of 2019. Or something.

I’m not saying our story had anything to do with this happy turn of events (it didn’t) but if you want to put us in for a Pulitzer that’s fine too.

Boardwalkers Be Advised

This is not a local story, but every community, just about, has an injectable drug problem and needle exchanges are a cost-effective way to reduce harm, I’m told. Now that the cool kids want their cities back though we’re going to have to find a new place for those exchanges, i.e. “some cities” across the country are “moving” to close their exchange, “citing problems with crime and mismanagement.”

Here & Now‘s Robin Young talked with the mayor of Charleston, West Virginia, about the exchanges in that city.

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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