ShotSpotter, Sears, Amazon and War Planes – Thursday’s Roundup

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Chief Riggin of the Pleasantville Police Department is asking for support to install ShotSpotter gunfire sensors around the city, which cost money. There’s a question on the ballot in November, and they’re having an Information Session at the middle school September 10.

In unrelated news, the war planes demonstration wrapped up yesterday after two days of practice. I sure do love those big machines and the loud noises they make. My cat has finally emerged from under the bed.

Sears announced it’s closing 46 stores around the nation, and one of them is the one at the Hamilton Mall. Did you know Robin Leach was there to open the Macy’s at the Hamilton Mall? Sometimes I think he didn’t know anything about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

In unrelated news, Amazon is giving local media tours of its Fulfillment Center in West Deptford, where it’s planning to hire 2,000 full-time employees to complement the army of robots that enable Jeff Bezos to make every nine seconds the median Amazon worker salary for a year. Good thing we’re falling all over ourselves to give them billions of dollars in tax breaks!

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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