Sonny Lea RIP And More – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Sonny Lea, an Atlantic City Legend, died after a car crash Monday. He was 83. Lynda Cohen has the story.

Sex Assault Investigation
The state legislature has formed a committee to investigate sexual assault allegations against a former high-level Phil Murphy staffer. It will look at government hiring practices in general as well.

Union Whistleblower
A former high-ranking official in the regional carpenters union, John Ballantyne, is alleging all kinds of high-ranking funnybusiness took place in his organization, up to and including “self-dealing and corruption,” per this Politico story. Ballantyne has filed a whistleblower lawsuit.

Astute newsreaders may recall Ballantyne was the executive secretary-treasurer of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters, which was abruptly dissolved in May, a move that was “widely interpreted” as way to bounce Ballantyne at the time, as Max Pizarro put it.

Ballantyne was, allegedly, reportedly, on the wrong side of George Norcross and Bill Mullen, of the Building Trades union. Ballantyne supported Tim Sullivan to head the EDA, while Mullen did not.

Not for nothing, but Mullen’s union also endorsed Tom MacArthur–the millionaire insurance exec who wants to take away my children’s healthcare–against Andy Kim in the 3rd congressional district race (that was within a few points in the last two polls).

If Andy Kim loses because of these sclerotic union turds, I’m going to sic the Jersey Devil on their whole corrupt machinery. I have his cell #.

Tree City
Also, read our fun coverage of the tree-planting ceremony yesterday in Uptown Park!

For more feats of journalism from across the region, see below:

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