Trump Plaza, Debate Night and Mapping Deportation Cases – Thursday’s Roundup

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Trump Pays!
Former workers at the Trump Plaza can collect severance checks Thursday and Friday at the Local 54 offices, Lynda Cohen reports. The payouts were negotiated in 2009. The Plaza closed in 2014. I guess that’s what they meant when they said Trump was “slow-pay.”

Celebration for Mikey
Elsewhere in Lynda Cohen, I really loved this story about Mikey Pittman.

Anyhoo. Thank you, Lynda!

Debate Night
We went to the debates last night for freeholder and for U.S. Congress at Dante Hall, and I have to say it was a fun time.

We don’t have a story or anything (just some tweets), except maybe that the Republicans are running on the everything’s-hunky-dory (sp?) ticket and on their great “bonding capability.”

As an outsider, it’s weird to think about who gets into politics and why. Like, I understand it if your house fills up with water every time it rains and half the neighborhood is addicted to OxyContin. You might be angry and want to do something other than sit at the computer and pull out your hair.

But what about the rest of these people who are in it, term after term, to shout the same lame slogans about diversifying the economy and supporting small business? It’s mysterious. Unless they’re in it for the grift.

Immigration Maps
Route 40 has a data report on immigration cases across New Jersey, with an interactive map. We were able to drill down through Homeland Security data (thanks to a FOI request by TRAC at Syracuse) to map pending deportations by zip code. No surprises that there are a lot of cases in Atlantic City and Pleasantville, but there are also dozens in Galloway Township and Egg Harbor Township… Take a look.

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey…

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