Sports! – Monday’s Roundup

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The Supreme Court has OK’d sports betting, which is good news for us because as of yesterday, New Jersey was “already gearing up to cash in,” per The Wall Street Journal (paywall).

In related news, “Don’t do us any good,” John Rice, a lifelong Atlantic City resident, said  when asked about the impending casino openings in the Inlet.

“It was better before the casinos got here. Everything’s gone now because of the casinos.”

If you drink every time someone says “game-changer” it will be easier to put up with my cheap cynicism.

Bike Madness!
Ventnor’s getting bike lanes! Nanette LoBiondo has the story. Atlantic City got a grant too. I think we should put the bike lane RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF PACIFIC AVENUE but I’m new here.

We’re Number One!
In property taxes

Here are two stories (one and two) that deal, indirectly, with drugged-driving. There are tests for alcohol but not things like marijuana or other drugs. Rates of opioid-related accidents are through the ceiling naturally. It’s likely to be an important issue in our shared future.

Swingin’ Parties
The valuable NJ Spotlights delves extra-deeply into “party-line politics” in New Jersey and whether it makes sense for county political organizations to endorse candidates in primary elections. At least one person wants to change the system. “What point are the primaries if you already know you are going to support the line?”

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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