St. Nick’s, Chef Garces and the Pageant- Wednesday’s Roundup!

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$4.325 Million
CRDA has agreed to chip in $4.325 million in hazard pay to ensure the Miss America Pageant will be held in Atlantic City this year, everyone reports. Kudos to Amy Kuperinski for linking to that image of the board of directors. Amy Rosenberg points out they denied a request for $50K to expand a community gardening project. I’m not mathemagician but $50K is $0.050 million, right?

In related news, the governor of Texas says you should move there because the taxes are lower. Well tell me Roy Rogers do you have beauty pageants down there in Texus? Up here we’re happy to pay taxes because we get great services ni return. Atlantic City: the Sweden of the Mid-Atlantic.

Non-Payment of Debts
Celebrity chef Jose Garces, who has three restaurants at the Tropicana and used to have four in the Revel, is embroiled in yet another lawsuit with a vendor who says he stiffed them. Steve Volk at Philly Mag has a long profile here. Glenn Straub and M&T Bank make cameos.

St. Nick’s Renovation
The excellent Erin Serpico has a cool story about parishioners raising money to restore St. Nick’s Church. I was an O.L.S.S. customer myself growing up but the nuns would sometimes take us down to St. Nick’s when they really wanted to put the fear of god in us. Did I just type that?

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