STD Rates, Incarceration Costs and Stockton’s Hit with Two More Lawsuits – Wednesday’s Roundup

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New Jerseyans are doing less *Love-Making* yet contracting more sexually transmitted diseases, according to a scintillating story from the valuable Spotlight. Chlamydia cases were up 21% last year, gonorrhea up 67%, syphilis up 76%–even as people *Love-Made* nine fewer times per year. I’m not an economist, but that doesn’t seem right.

Elsewhere in facts-and-figures, Molly Bilinski of the Press of AC has an informative story on the cost of incarceration, as two South Jersey counties get set to build new jails.

Two more lawsuits were filed against Stockton, accusing the school of not adequately protecting students from sexual harassment or sexual assault. That’s seven so far.

For more feats of journalism, see below:

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