Stockton Lawsuit, Nuclear Waste, and a Feel-Good Story from the Greyhounds

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Fifth Stockton Lawsuit 
The Trentonian reports on yet another lawsuit against Stockton claiming sex assault cases that were handled improperly.

In this one, after attempting suicide, the victim started seeing a mental health counselor. She ended up meeting the counselor’s son, who, allegedly, assaulted her.

The suit says Stockton violated Title IX and its own policies by not providing an advocate to the victim. It says one college official volunteered to be an advocate but was removed due to a conflict of interest.

Waste Removal 
There are 753 metric tons of uranium at the Oyster Creek power plant in the Pine Barrens, according to this super story from the Press of AC’s Michelle Brunetti Post. Since the plant’s being decommissioned, there are lots of questions about what happens to the toxic waste.

Holtec, which is based in Camden, wants to buy the plant and says it can do the decommissioning job in a fraction of the time of the current owner. Also there’s $980 million in ratepayer money. Adding to everyone’s sense of ease, Donald Norcoss is on the Holtec board. Do you ever get the feeling there are like six people in South Jersey instead of 1.2 million?

Glory Days has a nice story about how some Pleasantville teens, including one young man on the football team, helped a lost five-year-old boy get home. The P’ville PD gets a shot-out for their due dilligence.

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey, see below:

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