Supermarkets, Sandy and #MeToo – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Murphy and #MeToo
The sexual assault scandal in the Phil Murphy administration is spiraling quickly, seemingly. “Furious, disgusted,” said Sen. Teresa Ruiz, “and then empowered to have read the story of a survivor that lends her name and her face to how the system appears to have let her down in a very dramatic way.”

Sandy Fraud
Some Little Egg Harbor people were sentenced to seven years for stealing like $1.4 million from Sandy victims through their alleged home improvement company.

A Supermarket for the Neighborhood?
And the CRDA is voting today on whether or not to give $157,500 to a consultant to search for a grocery store to come to Atlantic City since we’re a food desert, though not really.

The consultant, Uplift Solutions, would seek proposals from one or two operators, or developers, to put a grocery store somewhere. The chairman of Uplift’s board of directors is the CEO of Brown’s Super Stores, which owns 10 ShopRites around the Delaware Valley. So there’s that.

Elinor sort of tap dances around this, but if you think you can’t buy fresh coconuts within walking distance of city hall, I implore you to get out more. Follow the firemen around. They know where to shop.

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