Trafficking, Fireworks, King Kong’s Cats and More – Monday’s Roundup

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Human Trafficking
Avalon Zoppo and Molly Bilinski have a very good and tough story on human trafficking in Atlantic County, which had nearly the same number of indictments as Bergen County between 2005 and 2018, even though Bergen County has 3.5 times the population.

“She kept saying she deserves this,” the mother of one of the victims says. “I know that’s not true.”

Elsewhere in crimes, the case of the missing fireworks drags on as Jack May, a managing director at Keystone Novelties, tells Lynda Cohen he will not be doing business in Atlantic City this year.

Readers may recall the video of ACPD officers nonchalantly removing boxes of fireworks from a tent behind the Ducktown Tavern last summer.

May said the detective tasked with investigating his colleagues never got back to him and his emails to the county prosecutor, DOJ and ACPD chief have not been returned.

King Kong Cats
Of course King Kong Bundy, the gigantic wrestler man who died recently, had ten (10) cats, several of which now need homes. Pat, Paige and Stewie are some of their names. This story has details if you’re interested in adopting.

This is a North Jersey story, but Terrence McDonald interviewed the kids from North Bergen High School who did Alien: The Play in lieu of the usual Our Town or West Side Story or whatever.

My favorite part of this is when the 16-year-old tells Terrence, “It felt great being able to recreate something that happened 40 years ago and became such a big part of culture,” and I felt like I was a million years old.

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