Trains, Fish, Boards – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Nor’Easter Nick displayed his surprisingly extensive railroad knowledge yesterday (that link is to a well-worth-watching video) in pointed questioning of NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett, in town to do damage control since they’re shutting the AC to Philly line for the next however many months. Corbett says the trains will be back in the New Year, but Nick points out that the executive director has also said that NJTransit is unlikely to complete the work needed by that date. Nick asks good questions and gets a lot of not-very-helpful responses. You can sign the petition that Nick organized and read Lynda Cohen on the scene at the Atlantic City rail station yesterday morning.

Go Fishing
Glory Days has a great feature on Mainland High School’s fishing club, which you should read because it’s a feel-good summer read, but also because it is a lesson in community organizing. Here’s Mainland teacher Brian Katz describing it: “The best part about the club is, if you’re in the Spanish Club and graduate, you’re out of that club. But these kids stay involved after they graduate.”

Margate has a boardwalk committee now, and they’re planning a rally (in support of the city). The Press of Atlantic City has the details.

For all the other headlines from the region, see below:

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