World Series Champs, #FakeHistory and the Best Cheeseburger in New Jersey – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Two Atlantic City beaches are under an advisory for bacteria levels. On Air Show day too…

Seth Grossman said the KKK was never “active” in New Jersey, or something, and told a guy at an NAACP event his “history was fake” and he’d been “brainwashed with every Hollywood movie, every media thing, the crap they’re teaching in schools,” etc. for thinking otherwise. “Remember, the KKK was dead after the Civil War.”

A few weeks ago, Seth told me the KKK was a backlash to rising Black wealth in the 1920s, so he can’t even keep his fake history straight.

Anyway, I don’t think the KKK was active in New Jersey because of Hollywood liberals. I think we had the KKK because my great-grandfather was in it!

Apparently, Seth “moderated” his comments later in the event.

TripAdvisor says the best burger in New Jersey is in Atlantic City, at Gallagher’s Burger Bar in Resorts.

Am I dating myself by saying “Gallagher’s Burger Bar” makes me think of a comedian smashing sandwiches with a big prop hammer? (Sledge-o-Matic!)

Atlantic Shore won the Babe Ruth World Series in Texas and had a big homecoming the other day. The won in 2015 too. Also some kid from Millville is the second-coming of Mickey Mantle. What’s going on around here with the baseball?

For more feats of journalism from across the region, see below:

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