#Winning At Something – Friday’s Roundup

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File this under “We didn’t think of that…” NJSpotlight reports that a battle is brewing in New Jersey’s not-yet-existent offshore wind industry, between the companies that want to build the offshore wind farms and other companies, known as transmission developers, who build the power lines that deliver the energy to customers. It seems like the state got to this stage of permitting offshore wind farms to produce energy, but it hasn’t yet done very much thinking about how to get that energy ashore.

Atlantic County is #Winning at something: reduction of its jail population, according to NJSpotlight. Ok, technically, out of all the counties in NJ, Atlantic County has seen the third greatest decline in its prison population since 2011 (down 35.6 percent) but let’s count that as a win. Before you jump to any bail reform conclusions, however, this has been the result of a long-term project in the county to reduce recidivism (see this announcement from more than a decade ago) and there are a couple of things going on here. One is that the county is relatively rich in number and variety of social-work agencies and they deserve some credit. Another factor is that the county has been under financial pressure for some time. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but there’s been a long-term financial incentive to reduce costs related to the county’s detention facilities.

If you’re looking for some light Friday reading, enjoy this feature from The Inquirer about all the things that get cleared up from Cape May’s beach.

Lastly, the Fox Manor boarding house on Pacific Avenue closed. We did one of our misguided About Town pieces on the last few hours. 

For all the other local news headlines, see below:

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