#Winning – Thursday’s Roundup!

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Amy Rosenberg at the Philly Inquirer dove deeply into the petition by Glenn Klotz to extend the boardwalk from the Fredricksburg Avenue border, where it currently ends, to stretch across Margate atop the dunes.

There are many fun details in this story, e.g. that Glenn is the son of Red Klotz, who played point guard for the Washington Generals until he was 63 and sunk the winning basket against the Harlem Globetrotterson January 5, 1971 in Martin, Tennessee. The Generals were supposed to lose of course, as they’d done the 14,000 or so other times they’d played the Globetrotters, but Red hit a two-hander with ten seconds left and they won by one point by accident.

“Let me tell you, beating the Globetrotters is like shooting Santa Claus,” Red reportedly said.

Elsewhere in ‘Winning’
Imagine a world where government officials promise to give a private business $7 billion if they will build a headquarters in your state and transparency activists have to sue to even see the plans. Then when they’re released, key details of the incentives are redacted. The firm that sues for their release then writes, “We consider this a significant transparency victory.” Verily New Jersey is anti-business.

We’re #2!
New Jersey has a marijuana arrest rate of 400.4 per 100,000, according to FBI’s latest data. The only other state in the 400 range is little Wyoming. We’re third in total arrests behind New York and Texas, which have many more people.

Well-Rounded Customers
Bloomberg did a long feature on the competitive gambling landscape into which this latest Atlantic City rebound is…rebounding, or something, and I kind of got a kick out of the quote from a consultant about how Hard Rock is going for a “broader appeal” with its entertainment lineup.

When Revel opened Michelle Obama took her kids to one of the four concerts Beyonce did, and we all know how that worked out. Apparently what you really want is the Ted Nugent fan who plops himself in front of the Enchanted Unicorn slot machine for seven hours after the show.

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