Ashes and Hope – Thursday’s Roundup

The state AG Gurbir Grewal is going to issue new guidance for ICE detainers, replacing the old directive from 2007.

This sounds a little esoteric, but this guidance spells out how local/regional law enforcement should ask questions about immigration status and how they should handle requests from the federal level. It also deals with local officers who are deputized to do immigration stuff, which happens in Cape May and Salem Counties.

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Opioid Lawsuit, Car Crash, Public Meetings – Wednesday’s Roundup

Public Meetings! The DCA tweeted out a picture of a meeting yesterday of the Atlantic City Executive Council and there were lots of local heavyweights, but not a lot of laypersons, or any media, prompting Ryan Hutchins at Politico to observe it looked like a blatant violation of the NJ Open Public Meetings Act and that the Murphy admin was essentially bragging about it. I don’t get invited to those things. Nor do I know the law, but here’s the pic. Who else used to watch Romper Room?

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HQ2, Big Fish, Fralinger’s – Tuesday’s Roundup

In national news, Amazon picked Long Island City and Crystal City, Virginia, for its new headquarters HQ2.

Am I crazy, or did they just string along a few hundred American cities for two years pretending to care about “development” or somesuch before plopping down in maybe the last two places that need development?

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Mayor Fight, Wrongful Convictions, Football – Monday’s Roundup

Everybody’s reporting that City of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam and Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy scuffled with some unidentified persons outside the Golden Nugget over the weekend.

Well, not everyone is reporting that. Harry Hurley’s reporting that the mayor punched a female security guard.

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Andy Kim, Sharks and More – Thursday’s Roundup

Andy Kim declared himself the winner in the 3rd Congressional District last night after taking the lead yesterday as vote-by-mail ballots were counted.

There are still more to count, and the result’s not official, but the punditry seem to think there’s no likely way for Tom MacArthur to make up the deficit, which is about 2,600 votes. MacArthur’s not conceded.

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Politics, Politics, Politics – Wednesday’s Roundup

The race between Andy Kim and Tom MacArthur for the 3rd Congressional District was still too close to call this a.m., as MacArthur had a lead of about 2,300 votes but there were still uncounted precincts in Burlington County and thousands of mail-in/provisional ballots.

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Hugin, Police $, Bigfoot Sex Etc. – Monday’s Roundup

Matt Friedman of Politico leads the Playbook with the Menendez-Hugin race, where Democrats are nervous and Hugin people say they have internal polling that shows their guy up 2 points.

“Democrats not on the Menendez campaign are convinced Hugin has a significant chance at winning,” Matt says, while noting that people talking, “about internal polls but not providing them should be treated the same as anecdotal evidence.”

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