ICE, Football Memories, Tax Credits – Friday’s Roundup

ICE Order
State A.G. Gurbir Gurwal announced those new rules on how/when local law enforcement should work with ICE, directing law enforcement, “not to enter into so-called 287(g) partnerships that essentially deputize local law enforcement as immigration agents or detain immigrants for ICE without a warrant signed by a judge,” as the Spotlight puts it. Gurwal said the new directive drew a “bright line” between immigration authorities and local law enforcement and was a signal to “our friends and our neighbors who have been living in fear” that they could trust state law enforcement. St. Joe’s-Holy Spirit 
Holy Spirit and St. Joe’s play for the state championship (in the football) tonight at the Meadowlands, which seems a bit odd to me but I’m an old fogie.

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Mayor Fight IV, Taxes, Force Report, Coach Gets Job Back – Thursday’s Roundup

Mayor Fight 
Prosecutors declined to pursue criminal charges against Mayor Gilliam and Councilman Fauntleroy over the fight outside the Golden Nugget, but there’s still a municipal court matter, scheduled for December 11 in Wildwood. Meanwhile a 9+ minute surveillance tape of the incident(s) was released, so you can parse that if you want. I’m old enough to remember the Spinks-Tyson fight from Convention Hall that kept people trying to figure how who hit whom, when, for weeks, and that only lasted 91 seconds. Maybe we can get Jim Lampley and Sugar Ray Leonard to call this one for old time’s sake. AC Monies
Developer Bart Blatstein and the owner of the Claridge and the Atlantic Club are behind on their taxes, according to the city’s tax sale list.

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AC Dems Condemn Mayor, Councilman

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee voted to denounce Mayor Frank Gilliam and Councilman at-large Jeffree Fauntleroy, saying they were perpetrators of a “vicious physical and emotional attack” outside the Golden Nugget on November 11.

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Closing sale

Sears’ End Times

If you grew up in the 80s, like me, you understand the first thing any reasonable person would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse or interstellar plague would be head to the mall to score some super deals at Orange Julius or Olympia Sporting Goods. So we found this note from Jim Doorn, who attended the final hours of the Sears at the Hamilton Mall, which closed over the weekend, highly relatable. The scene there was like something out of Night of the Comet. Except there were lines. “Upon entering,” Jim notes, the store was “void of anything, a blank slate and no people.

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Ashes and Hope – Thursday’s Roundup

The state AG Gurbir Grewal is going to issue new guidance for ICE detainers, replacing the old directive from 2007.

This sounds a little esoteric, but this guidance spells out how local/regional law enforcement should ask questions about immigration status and how they should handle requests from the federal level. It also deals with local officers who are deputized to do immigration stuff, which happens in Cape May and Salem Counties.

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Opioid Lawsuit, Car Crash, Public Meetings – Wednesday’s Roundup

Public Meetings! The DCA tweeted out a picture of a meeting yesterday of the Atlantic City Executive Council and there were lots of local heavyweights, but not a lot of laypersons, or any media, prompting Ryan Hutchins at Politico to observe it looked like a blatant violation of the NJ Open Public Meetings Act and that the Murphy admin was essentially bragging about it. I don’t get invited to those things. Nor do I know the law, but here’s the pic. Who else used to watch Romper Room?

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